What Rights To Travellers Have

What Rights To Travellers Have: Travelers and The Law

Travelers, just like anyone else, have rights – even those gypsies who stay on unauthorized camping spaces. This goes the same for those who are taking short holiday trips. Some laws and rights have been put in place to keep everyone safe and protected.

If you’re looking for information on “what rights to travellers have“, read on.

While these rights may have slight differences depending on the state and/or country, listed below are some of the common rights in general.


Travelers and gypsies are all under the protection of the Race Relations Act 1976, also commonly referred to as discrimination. This goes to all types of groups, races, and people with different colors.

Racism and discrimination come in different forms – it can either be from harassment, hate language or negative stereotyping. Seek help from the government authorities so these rights can be balanced, and for them to take action.

What Rights To Travellers Have

Living In Authorized Sites

While the majority of travelers live in campers or trailer vans, this doesn’t mean that you can simply park your camper in any site you see out there. If possible, you can temporarily ask the landowner’s permission. If they don’t agree, you have to respect their decision.

There are certain circumstances, however, that you’re left with no choice but to use the said land to park your trailer. You won’t be forced evicted though, because there are some things to be taken into consideration, such as the travelers’ welfare and overall health in general.

Each case is different – there may be times that you’ll be automatically be given the notice to evict the area, while there are also some circumstances that you’ll be allowed to stay. As a traveler, you have to make sure that you comply with the government authorities, follow the due process, and if when needed, you can request a temporary grant for you to stay on the premises.

Travelers have rights – always bear that in mind. Learning what these are can help you protect yourself and your family. Laws have been put in place for you to take advantage of the next time to wonder “what rights to travellers have”.